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Sweet Potato Chili

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Ayurveda for Vegans

Veganism has gained momentum and popularity in the past several years, and what was once considered to be a trend is now becoming more mainstream. […]

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Sacred Lunar Rituals

Growing up, I could have only imagined the ways the moon could influence how I felt. There were things I knew to be certain, like […]

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5 Simple Tips for Natural Energy Throughout the Day

An Article Sarah wrote for Banyan Botanicals Insight Blog, about keeping a morning routine to sustain energy during the day.

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Mung Bean Pancakes

Ayurveda considers mung beans to be a cleansing, yet nurturing food, and when you pair them with rice, it’s said to create the ultimate dish. […]

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Coconut Moringa Matcha Latte

They have different nutritional properties, but they work together like a champ. Meet your coconut moringa matcha latte! Matcha and moringa look a little alike, […]

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Spring Eats: Roasted Fennel

Fennel is known in the Ayurveda world as a spring food because of its diuretic properties. It helps to counteract the wetness of spring and […]

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Lemon Moringa Latte

I recently put together a caffeine-free pick me up using the miracle herb moringa. You can find the recipe below and my full blog on Banyan Botanicals […]

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Cream of Asparagus Soup

Asparagus is seasonal to spring and its qualities are balancing for spring and summer alike. It can reduce any water retention or puffiness left over […]

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Moringa Macadamia Bites

By now you have all the turmeric uses memorized by heart and you’ve got a few takes as some recipes with adaptogens. Let’s add to […]

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Kitchari Bowl

If we were really talking hierarchy, kitchari would win the prize every time. Ayurveda considers it to be the most nourishing dish, with its high […]

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Almond Rose Cardamom Cookies

I was invited to a dinner party recently and for my contribution I was assigned a dessert. I love cooking and sharing my food, but […]

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