5 Simple Tips for Natural Energy Throughout the Day

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When you’re a kid, you dream about how being a grown-up means you’ll get to do anything you please. With the power of making your own decisions, you plan to play all day, eat pizza and ice cream for every meal, and to stay up late watching movies every night. It’s all an illusion, but as a kid, this seems like it would be possible in the adult world. Meanwhile, your parents are doing everything they can to keep you on a routine. They know that if you eat three meals a day, have some playtime to unwind, and stick to a consistent bedtime, you’ll be healthier all-around.

As an adult, you juggle many things. You wake up and hit the ground running, knowing that a day full of responsibilities is ahead. Between the errands, emails, and kids’ schedules, you grab an energy bar or a protein-packed smoothie, making an earnest attempt at self-care and healthy living. Yet somehow, now that you’re all grown up, you find yourself longing for the energy you once had when you were a kid. Those liberties you thought you’d have as an adult? They’ve made you more tired than they have free, as you slip into the perpetual low-energy cycle.

The majority of us are overbooked and over-committed, which as a result, has left us feeling stressed, unhealthy, and not quite like ourselves. When we find ourselves deep into this storyline and ready to take action, we often prioritize the what over the when, thinking a cleanse and more yoga should do the trick. But as your parents knew all along, routine is what keeps you on track.

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