Sacred Lunar Rituals

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Growing up, I could have only imagined the ways the moon could influence how I felt. There were things I knew to be certain, like the moon was the singular cause for humans to morph into werewolves, and that the debate about it being made of green cheese was still inconclusive. Little did I know, the moon has a very profound impact, not only on nature and our physiology, but also our ability to manifest dreams right into reality.

The lunar cycle is twenty-nine and a half days, and its undeniable potency has kept the moon as a keystone of ceremonies, traditions, and practices within cultures around the world. While there is a fair share of mythical stories and legends surrounding the moon, there is an equal amount of research seeking to find a scientific correlation behind the cycles of the moon and cycles of living things. Depending on your personal rhythms, you may even find that the cycles of the moon affect the balance of your doshas.

From learning the best time to plant or harvest, to having a better understanding of melatonin release, to uncovering more about the timing of the female reproductive cycles, a lot has been discovered about what happens during the waxing and waning phases of the moon. If we can take even a small portion of what we know and apply it to the way we conduct our lives, we can be one step closer to having conscious connection with nature.

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