Stories of a Health Sleuth

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When to neti, when to nasya

  For you arriving late to the party, there are two practices that you might look toward when you have a cold, allergies or are […]

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Yippee Chai Yay

The weather is cooling off and I’d wager to say that many of you are enjoying the need for an extra blanket and sweater in […]

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I’m a gunatic and I don’t care who knows it

There’s a part of Ayurveda that doesn’t have the glam of the doshas. They are the gunas or 20 qualities that exist as 10 pair of opposites. […]

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Reasons you wake during the night and what to do about it

Too often I hear people say that they are waking up during the night, but “that’s normal, right?” Though be it common, not sleeping through the […]

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A spicy soup for clearing and cleansing

Look out! This is a spicy one! This is an excellent soup to use for an easy, one day detox or as a way to […]

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Cheesy Tofu with Zucchini and Kale

Is it lame to call tofu a guilty pleasure? You don’t have to answer that question. I love tofu, but the word of the health […]

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The Passing of Pepper Potts

Today is my kitten’s first birthday, but she’s not here to celebrate. Three months ago she suddenly became sick and died within a week of […]

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I birthed a paper, resulting in a Master’s degree

I started my journey in Ayurvedic studies in 2010. Because I’m in the vast Midwest, a flyover state, the no coast, I had to travel […]

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The heat is on, on the street

I was sitting outside at a coffee shop this morning, working on my laptop and clinging to each minute I can spend in urban nature. […]

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I was introverted before it was cool

With the practice of yoga comes the practice of self-study. As you move from the outer body to the inner body, you become more aware […]

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The great ice debate

I used to have some bragging rights about my lack of injury and illness throughout the course of my life. But now, I sit here […]

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Now Trending: Leaky Gut!

As a mere observer, I’ve noticed every few years either an existing health condition or a new diagnosis gets unveiled and is naked for the […]

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