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Vastu: Ayurveda’s Way of Bringing Harmony to Your Home

Ayurveda doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to embracing the different components of health. It recognizes the obvious, like the importance of good nutrition […]

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Overcoming Obstacles to Change: Staying Committed to Resolutions

The New Year is a natural time to pause, reflect, and make a resolution for change. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I see people daily who […]

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A Meditation for the Solstice

We’re in our darkest and coldest days, and all us could use a moment of peace, along with and a reminder that our brightest fire […]

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Holiday Survival Guide

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season to bump you out of your daily self-care routine. And quite frankly, it might be best to live […]

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Doshic Spice Blends

It’s exciting to learn more about the ways you can balance your dosha or doshic imbalance, but you can feel defeated when your favorite foods […]

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Kitchari with Roasted Butternut Squash

There are so many different ways to prepare kitchari, I’m convinced you could eat a different variation every day of the year. It’s fun to […]

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Vegan Congee

Congee is a healing dish that is easy to digest. It’s made from white rice that is cooked so long it’s nearly fully disintegrated. It’s […]

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Irish Examiner Interview and Article

A Healthy Life is About Balance: An Article from the Irish Examiner There are so many fun things that have come as an unexpected result […]

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The Ayurvedic Self-Care Essentials

I firmly believe that self-care practices should be easy to incorporate into your life, fit any budget, and not require you to accumulate a lot […]

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Small Changes, Big Shifts Podcast

I had the honor of recording an episode on Dr. Michelle Robin’s podcast, Small Changes, Big Shifts. Dr. Robin is a also chiropractor in Kansas […]

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Talking Ayurveda with Amber Lilyestrom

I had the great fortune of chatting with Amber Lilyestrom for her podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom Show. She presented me with some interesting questions, particularly […]

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My Episode on Thinking Like a Boss Podcast

Sitting down to talk with Kate Crocco for her podcast, Thinking Like a Boss, was refreshing and fun. Kate’s a therapist turned mindset coach and […]

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