Small Changes, Big Shifts Podcast: Talking Ayurveda and routine with Dr. Michelle Robin

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I had the honor of recording an episode on Dr. Michelle Robin’s podcast, Small Changes, Big Shifts. Dr. Robin is a also chiropractor in Kansas City, and like me, she integrates other integrative and complimentary practices into her clinic. In this episode, we talked about my upbringing, the principles of Ayurveda, why your routine is paramount for optimal health, and how paying attention to transitions can really bring calm to your day. It’s an easy, short listen, yet it has all the right details to get you started on making a change. Listen to this episode by clicking HERE.

My favorite part of this podcast is near the end. Dr. Robin asked me what three things I'd like to see happen or change. My answers all center around being more mindful in our day, but you'll have to listen to hear the specifics. I think I'll always be working on being more mindful and aware, as it is a lifelong process. Still, I figure if we can get everyone on board with this, we'll have fewer people stopping and standing in the middle of the jet bridge while the entire flight is trying to deplane. Of course, there would be more large scale impacts, I'm sure.

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