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Journaling for Better Mental Digestion

We are what we digest. This isn’t only what goes down the hatch, but what we see, hear, think and discuss. Likewise, our mental state […]

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Copper Cups: Ayurveda’s Own Holy Grail

  As Indian Jones educated us with the powers of the Holy Grail, Ayurveda reveals the healing abilities of copper. Though they aren’t quite the […]

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Cold Curing Tonic

I try my best to take care of myself and as a result, I only get sick about once every 5-6 years. As of this week, […]

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Cookies and Community

November has proved to be a trying month, not only for me, but for many. Aside from feeling a need for more rest and more emotional […]

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My commitment to being an effective yoga teacher

I’ve got a mad attraction to intelligent yoga programming, so when I heard that Matthew Remski would be teaching at the Colorado School of Yoga the same time […]

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Three Things to Make Time for Every Day

We often talk about how we can pacify a dosha through the method of opposing qualities. If your fire is high, stop eating spicy food. […]

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Essentials for Your Ayurvedic Medicine Cabinet

The Ayurvedic tradition is versed in helping us know our patterns and tendencies, which means if we listen, we have a good chance at keeping […]

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The Magnificent Six

Digestion begins as soon as we put food in our mouth. This is the first place that enzymes get to work in breaking down what […]

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Malasana: Your everyday asana

  If you only practice a few asanas each day, this should be one of them. I’ve been teaching yoga long enough to be witness […]

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What’ll it be? CCFT!

Cumin, coriander and fennel tea, or CCFT, is a staple in Ayurveda. It wouldn’t surprise me if you stopped an Ayurvedi on the street and […]

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Life, give me lemons!

  When life gives you lemons, celebrate! This gorgeous citrus might make you pucker, but the many great qualities of lemons make them fruit’s answer to […]

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Your Friend, Fennel

  I had to pull the car over so my boyfriend could spit out the fennel seeds he had taken from the Indian restaurant. I […]

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