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Summer Practices

Just as it's instinctive to grab your sunglasses and SPF before heading out the door, it’s also natural to change your self-care practices to balance the qualities of the season.

This virtual workshop is a quick and thorough reference for all the ways you can adjust your routine to feel your best through the summer, avoid accumulation of heat, and prevent summer illnesses which can often carry over into fall. You’ll learn:

  • The Ayurvedic qualities of summer and why changing your practices for the season is essential, including imbalances that commonly occur with an accumulation of heat
  • The components of a summer diet and how your appetite may change with the longer, brighter days
  • Yoga asanas, breathing practices, and exercise that is most suitable for summer to keep you healthy in body and mind
  • Ways your morning and evening routines may be modified, such components of your routine that could be more or less beneficial this time of year
  • Herbal therapies, in addition to culinary spices, to incorporate into your day

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Summer Practices

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