Does Donald Trump Have Diarrhea? An Ayurvedic Profile of Our Dear President

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My extensive training and clinical experience in Ayurveda has provided me a Sherlock Holmes style of deduction for sleuthing out one’s existing imbalances through a glimpse at their physical and energetic exterior. From their stature, eyes and skin I can glean their demeanor, interests and what their health troubles might be. Sometimes, I want to inquire. To the woman I passed on the street, “Are you experiencing exhaustion and fatigue?” To the cashier at the grocery store, “Are you in need of an enema?” And to Donald Trump, “Do you have diarrhea?”

I ordinarily try to keep my interest in the health of someone’s bowel movements to myself, except when I’m in the confines of my clinic and of course, the occasional dinner conversation. But with everyone chiming in on Trump’s mental and physical health profile, I’d like a chance, too. My viewpoint is a fresh one and it’s through the lens of Ayurveda, the alternative medicine from India.

Ayurveda is ancient, but current and relevant at the same time. It takes its cues from nature and suggests we should, too. In fact, its entire foundation is based on the “macrocosm microcosm continuum” – the theory that we are mini-reflections of the universe. This means our ability to impact or be impacted by nature is a two-way street. If we don’t care for Mother Earth, she’ll take issue with it. And if we don’t listen to when she says to sleep, eat or wear a jacket, we’ll have some issues, too.

This universal theory goes beyond how we interact with nature and explains that we share its elemental makeup: the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements exist in all of us, as they represent different biological functions. Still, they are expressed in different ways, which is why we each have our own special look, talents and tendencies.

For example, it is said that air governs our nervous system, our senses and all movement in the body. A person who has a greater expression of air element may have smaller facial features, a lighter frame, a creative mind and an attraction to travel, change and all things spontaneous. Fire presides over our skin, blood, eyes, hormones and digestion. A fiery person has average build and features, possesses sharp intellect, likes to be independent and is fed by the execution of goals. Earth represents the organs in the chest cavity and provides our protection, such as through our immunity, fat tissue and mucosal linings. Our earthy friends have the strongest, sturdiest stature and are compassionate, easy-going beings with some serious endurance and resistance to change.

We are a combination of all the elements, but one or two will typically shine brighter. Knowing your elemental constitution, or dosha, is important since it serves as a blueprint for the ways and means we will flourish, along with our potential for imbalance. We can even understand what makes others tick and the areas where they can easily derail. To some degree, even our own president.

Fire is the most prevalent element of President Trump’s constitution. When in a healthy state, a fiery person has the skill and desire for leadership and is confident in their decision-making abilities. They have their sights set on achievement with an appetite for controlled competitiveness. As a businessman, dealmaker and one who leans toward the spotlight, these qualities could be seen in Trump prior to taking office. In fact, we see these characteristics in not only our current president, but most presidents. Ones who possess these characteristics serve us and our country well, until the fire becomes excessive.

Accumulation occurs when we repeatedly add heating food or activities to one with a fiery disposition. Spicy, sour and salty are three primary qualities of food that increase fire. Heated conversations, too much sun exposure, an abundance of goals or responsibilities, and being in roles of power also make the flame burn stronger. Are you getting my drift? From what we’ve seen in photos and what information has been available to the public, Trump has a sodium laden, McDonald’s centric diet. He spends time golfing at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida where there is an average temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit and 235 days of sunshine. And I remind you, he is in a major role of power with others who have similar power fanning his flames. It’s all too much.

For anyone experiencing an overindulgence of heat, there are a myriad of symptoms that can occur and they often come as a package deal. The short but comprehensive list includes rashes, acne, high blood pressure, acid reflux, body odor, perfectionism, anger, frustration, irritability and inflammatory conditions. Last, but not least, diarrhea.

Though I am unable to find any real or fake reports of his state of the digestive union, Trump is now ablaze. This is seen from a glance at his red face. It is heard from his self-centered speech, angry tweets and inability to accept when he is wrong. It’s in his “my way or the highway” attitude, right down to changes made in the oval office décor. By way of Ayurveda, these patterns will continue and even increase unless there is a counterbalance thrown into the mix.

To level things out, a reduction of salt in his diet and an introduction of compassion into his lifestyle would be appropriate. Sweating to release heat and healthier outlets for expressing his competitive side, like a good ol’ game of Scrabble, would also be recommended. More time in nature and with loved ones are just the things that would nurture the gentler components of his being. Finally, to get to the source of the problem, he should quit his job.

So, if you have the chance to be in the presence of President Trump, offer him a coconut, some mint tea or another cooling food. Ease his temperament by making him think all the good ideas are his ideas. And if you’re waiting in line for the presidential bathroom, I have five words for you: Do. Not. Go. In. There.

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