Researching Routine

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If you know me at all, I have a few things that I like to talk a lot about. Among them include my superhero cats, Ryan Adams, the importance of using crosswalks and lastly, how having a solid daily routine can revolutionize your life. While each of these things has had their time in the limelight, it’s now shinning brightly on routine.

Routine is paramount, PARAMOUNT I say, in our health. This is something to which both my beloved Ayurveda and Western medicine agree. Ayurveda discusses at large the importance of dinacharya (daily routine) and how we must respect the cycles within day, night and season. Without it, we increase our chances of falling ill. Western medicine has thoroughly researched the circadian clock and how sticking to it is important for proper function and restoration of hormones and organs. Folks, this is huge.

As I’m working towards my Master’s degree in Ayurveda, I’m conducting a pilot study about routine and its impact on health. The data will be collected as an anonymous survey and then perfectly placed in analytical fashion in my thesis. Would you consider helping me? It takes less than five minutes and will make me a very happy lady. Here’s the link:


Thank you, thank you! I promise to post my results and/or excerpts from my thesis so you aren’t left hanging in the balance.

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